What are the Complications After Surgery on the Ulnar Nerve?

Answer The ulnar nerve runs from beneath the collar bone down the inside of the upper arm and passes through the cubital tunnel on the inside of the elbow. When this nerve becomes compressed, it can reduc... Read More »

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Hello, my mom had the ulnar nerve surgery, please help?

I've had surgery recently. There are a few different types. Mine was a transposition where they relocated the nerve in the arm via the elbow. I've still not got feeling in the two affected fingers ... Read More »

Can you reposition your ulnar nerve?

No, you cannot reposition your ulnar nerve

What are the complications of bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgery is weight loss surgery that over time, has become minimally invasive if performed in a highly professional clinic. While techniques have improved, there are still complications th... Read More »

Will there be any complications if i go for laser eye surgery?

With a prescription that high , you may not even be a candidate for the laser surgery. Very often with high powers like that the cornea is too thin already.You will have to go to a laser clinic for... Read More »