I live in Bangkok and in my condo the director serve 2 terms is he allow to serve the 3 terms?

Answer Your governing documents will give you the answer you want. They may be the only place where you can find the answer to your question, unless there are other laws in Bangkok that rule on the number... Read More »

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What is a fat cat in political terms?

In politics, the term "fat cat" refers to someone who is wealthy and contributes to political campaigns. The term can also mean someone who is privileged or someone who is complacent.Source:Merriam... Read More »

What is a GSM in paper terms?

In paper, GSM refers to grams per square meter, a metric measurement for the weight of paper. According to Red River Paper, typical copy paper with a bond weight of 20 pounds has a metric weight of... Read More »

In satellite terms what is `C` and `Ku` ?

C-band= 4–8 GHz and Ku-band 12–18 GHz and it depends on what satellite you want to get pictures from. Astra is Ku,so is Hotbird, this being allotted to European devices, C is more normally used... Read More »

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