What causes warm antibody hemolytic anemia?

Answer This condition occurs when the body produces autoantibodies that coat red blood cells. The coated cells are destroyed by the spleen, liver, or bone marrow.

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What are the symptoms for anemia?

-Tiredness and breathlessness.-Sunken eyes, sallow complexion, flaky nails.-Sore, smooth tongue. -Frequent mouth ulcers, altered sense of taste, hard to swallow.-headache, tinnitus.-Pica.-Frequent ... Read More »

What is mild anemia?

Anemia is a condition where red blood cells are not healthy enough to carry sufficient oxygen to different parts of the body. If your anemia is mild, it could go undetected, leaving you feeling tir... Read More »

What is the quickest way to heal anemia?

The absolute quickest way is to get a blood transfusion, but you have to be in an emergent state of anemia to qualify for that.If you have insurance there are injections you can get or give yoursel... Read More »

What is the cause of anemia night blindness and rickets?

anaemia is a deficiency of iron, night blindness is a deficiency if vitamin A and rickets is a deficiency of vitamin DIly Jb