What are the Best type of batteries for digital cameras?

Answer this is because better quality pictures are bigger in size so if you turn down the quality then you'll be able to save more pictures

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Which type of batteries work best and last longer for digital cameras?

What are the best batteries (rechargeable or not) for digital cameras?

I buy the Energizer lithium batteries, they seem to last forever (and I take alot of pics!) I've tried cheaper batteries for camera use but they die out too fast. So even tho the lithium are much ... Read More »

Digital Cameras that DON NOT use LITHIUM batteries?

I don't understand your logic. You cannot afford an extra set of rechargeable batteries that costs $10, but the cost of the camera is no object?A Canon SX130IS with 8 rechargeable AA NiMH batteries... Read More »

What's the diffences between digital cameras that uses AA batteries and its own battery packs?

Battery packs are more effective over time (while AA rechargeable batteries maximum capacity starts decreasing after a few recharging cycles). Also the recharging units work faster (while in the AA... Read More »