How much do Antarctic seals weigh?

Answer Antarctic fur seals weigh 350 pounds on average as adults. The seals live in Western Antarctica. Antarctic fur seals were hunted in the 19th century, decreasing their population to a few thousand, ... Read More »

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What is the latitude of the Antarctic Circle?

According to, the latitude of the the Antarctic Circle resides at 66 degrees 33 minutes south of the Equator. Any points south of this line will experience at least one full day with... Read More »

Does an Antarctic icefish have scales?

Extreme cold conditions in the Antarctic have created adaptive evolution in the area's wildlife. The Antarctic icefish has the unique adaptation of having no scales. Because of this, they are able ... Read More »

Why is krill so important to the Antarctic ecosystem?

Krill are tiny shrimp-like crustaceans that live in the oceans around the Antarctica. Krill live in vast schools and play a very important role in the sustenance of the ecosystem, especially in and... Read More »

What is the average seawater temperature of the Antarctic?

The sea water in the Antarctic is typically between minus 2 degrees C and 2 degrees C (28.4 to 35.6 degrees F). This puts the water right around the freezing mark at all times. By comparison, the a... Read More »