What are the Advantages of enzymes in baby food?

Answer Quicker for a mother to feed the baby, industruries can mass produce the purees and there's a wider range of flavours in the foods for the baby to eat.

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Food and Enzymes?

The process of digestion is complex; the body processes food with the aid of enzymes and co-enzymes. The relationship between food and enzymes is systemic. What people choose to eat can determine ... Read More »

Why do the pancreas and small intestine continuously produce enzymes if enzymes are reusable?

A few things. The pH is not high in the small intestine. If it were, your small intestine would be significantly eroded. The pancreas releases, among other things, bicarbonate, a very basic compoun... Read More »

What does elevated liver enzymes in infants mean baby is just getting over pneumonia?

Less than 2%, though 10% of patients with DiGeorge have TOF.

Is it normal for a 3-and-a-half year old child with Down syndrome to refuse all solid food and only eat pureed baby food?