What are the ATT U-verse remote control codes for a sanyo DVD player?

Answer I want to tell you what just worked for me...1. Turn the component on that you want to program2. Press and hold that component key (TV, VCR/DVD, or SAT/CBL) on your remote3.Press ON/OFF button unti... Read More »

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What are the ATT U-verse remote control codes for a Memorex DVD player?

i run a 7.2v 3300mah venom in my crawler it runs for like 3 hours! But if you need to go cheaper almost anything will work that is that size pack... try this site to get some ideas http://www.durat... Read More »

What are the sanyo tv remote codes for the blue ray player?

What are the radio shack 3-in-1 remote control codes for Sanyo tv?

citizen codes 001, 004, 008, 009, 042, 053, 058, 105, 109, 177If none of those work, you can also let the remote scan for the right code by turning on your device, pressing and holding the code sea... Read More »

What are the att u-verse remote control codes for an insignia lcd tv?

Code 1023 worked for an Insignia 22", 32" and 55".Code 1023 also works for the Insignia 42" LCD 1080p, 120 Hz (FYI - This code is not listed in the guide that A,T & T includes with its remotes) Cod... Read More »