What does div mean in nfl standings?

Answer The notation "div" in NFL football standings is an abbreviation for division. Each team is in a division, and its win-loss record in division play is recorded there. The overall standings reflect g... Read More »

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What does CF mean in NFL standings?

The "CF" in National Football League standings is an abbreviated form of the word "conference." The numbers listed below this heading are the teams' records against other teams within their respect... Read More »

What does GB mean in NFL standings?

In National Football League standings, GB (games behind) represents the number of games a team trails the division leader in the win column. GB is a common abbreviation used in sports standings in ... Read More »

How to Figure Baseball Standings?

Whether attempting to formulate standings for a private baseball team or trying to figure out different scenarios for Major League Baseball playoff races, knowing how to calculate baseball standing... Read More »

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