What are the 7 mose important photographs by Annie Leibovitz?

Answer Important to whom?

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Does Annie Leibovitz ever use digital cameras and what ones?

AnswerBudget, Type of photography, skill level; all these matter. There are several different types of cameras but the most popular are digital and 35mm. digital are mostly point and shoot with som... Read More »

What movie star-turned-governor did Annie Leibovitz photograph?

Arnold Schwarzenegger. Governor of California. Movie star in: True Lies, The Terminator etc.

Rosalind Franklin worked on X-ray diffraction photographs of the DNA molecule what did those photographs show?

Diffraction of waves is used in crystallography to examine the arrangement of atoms in crystalline structures. X-rays are electromagnetic waves with wavelengths of a size comparable to the spacing ... Read More »

In the first practical process of reproducing photographs for books on what were photographs printed?