Who developed basketball positions?

Answer Basketball positions were not developed by a single person and were not one of the 13 original rules established by James Naismith. Many early basketball games featured unlimited players on the cou... Read More »

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When did player positions become part of basketball?

The game of basketball was created in December 1891 by James Naismith. The rules first called for nine players per team and was later changed to five players per team in 1897. Since then, basketbal... Read More »

What includes all federal government jobs that are not elected positions or military positions?

US Post OfficeAll Federal Law Enforcement AgenciesCIA (does have paramilitary units tho)Department of TreasuryDepartment of Educationthe list goes on...** civil service a+**

What sites have openings or listings for horticultural positions or greenhouse positions in dallas area?

Run the dishwasher through a cycle with no dishes in it. Instead of using detergent, pour a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in the bottom. Peroxide is used to get smells and stains out of plastics. It ... Read More »

What are some unique sex positions?

HMMM..... :)I have my personal preferences but I'll spare you. if you go to and go to their sex section there's a little menu where it describes different do- it- yourself kind... Read More »