What are the 4 examples of weeds?

Answer 1.Sida Acuta.2.Stubborn Grass3.Guniea Piece4.Milk Weed

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Where do i start with a brand new yard no grass just dirt and weeds There are weeds everywhere!?

First kill the weeds. Chemical like Roundup (not a ground sterilizing chemical) or cover with plastic for a few weeks - will kill all. Next rototill. You MUST have good soil under the sod so grass ... Read More »

How do you get rid of weeds?

You just pull them out or else the plants will die. If they are in an open situation then a herbicide will solve the problem, if in a border with other plants either use a hoe regularly or hand weed.

How to Hoe Weeds?

The hoe is an important weapon in the gardener's war against weeds. The steel blade sinks into the earth to remove weeds and stir the soil, thus giving keeper plants more moisture, nutrients, and g... Read More »

Are weeds bad for you?

Having been smoking weed for thirty years I find it funny that kids like you think that it's such an amazing thing and is something to be big headed about doing. Having a smoke might be nice but i... Read More »