What are the 3 stages of birth?

Answer i know the third is placental.

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What are the three stages of birth?

The three stages of birth are: the dilation stage, the expulsion stage, and the placental stage.dilation stage: begins at the onset of true labor contractionsexpulsion stage: occurs when the cervix... Read More »

At birth how many teeth are in the various stages of the development?

What are the various stages of cancer What are the basis for such categorization of these stages?

The various stages are usually 0-4. It can go up to 4b and many variables in between such as 1,1a, 1b, etc.In general most cancers are staged according to TNM, Tumor, Nodes and Mets. Each part is s... Read More »

When a baby is delevered through the birth canal it is called what birth?