What are the 3 regions of an insect body?

Answer Head, Thorax, and Abdomen

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How many body parts does a leaf insect have?

Leaf insects (belonging to the order Phasmida, along with stick insects), like all insects, have three body segments or parts. The head contains the eyes, mouthparts and antennae, the thorax attach... Read More »

Which region of the insect's body is specialized for movement?

Does chocolate contain rodent hair and insect body parts?

possible in minute quantities but no more then anything else

What could be the problem if you were bitten by an insect and have itchy red blotches all over your body and it feels as if something is moving inside of you?

I saw a programme on TV about a young girl who was bitten by an insect that turned out to be a sort of maggot or worm inside her, under the skin. She eventually had to go to hospital because she ig... Read More »