What are the 20' tall trees in San Diego with yellow flowers right now?

Answer MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUE.The tree you want to know about is now blooming through out San Diego & Orange Counties is the THEVETIA peruviana, or better known as Yellow Oleander (not related t... Read More »

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What is the name of a plant with a small yellow five petal star shaped flowers with one yellow leaf beneath the flowers?

Herbs will suddenly grow tall, flower and produce seeds then die when it gets too hot for them. That is what it means for a plant to bolt.

What do the flowers in Diego rivera's artwork represent?

The flowers represent the blossoming of woman from childhood to adulthood.

What plants that have yellow flowers?

Daffodils, dandelions, buttercups, tulips, lilies; in fact many flowers. I have often wondered why so many yellow flowered plants blossom at the same time, and the same with other colours.

Yellow Tubular Perennial Flowers?

Yellow tubular perennial flowers add permanent structure to beds and borders and combine well with a wide variety of flower colors and forms. For planning purposes, bright yellow is considered a w... Read More »