What are the 10 most important items in a Disability Insurance Plan?

Answer The following Top 10 Items are high priorities to look our for when considering purchasing a Disability Insurance Policy: #1 Renewability Provision#2 Definition of Disability#3 Graded Lifetime Bene... Read More »

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What does a no disability insurance plan mean?

A no disability insurance plan is a plan that does not cover the insured individual if he becomes disabled and cannot work. A disability insurance plan covers a portion of the insuree's wages if th... Read More »

Can you collect disability insurance for pregnancy and birth if you don't plan to return to work?

Answer Yes, for the period of time that you're UNABLE to work. Most short term disability policies pay a six week benefit for a vaginal delivery, and an eight week benefit for a c-section delivery,... Read More »

What if you have disability insurance and become disabled can they take your car your credit and still ask for money when the disability insurance was purchased to cover that type of event in life?

It is your responsibility to see that the DI pays you and YOU pay the payments on time. rem your agreement with the lender stated that YOU would make the payments on a certain date. HOW you get tha... Read More »

Would you send a copy of the Mellon Bank of NY long-term disability LTD Summary Plan Description SPD and the plan document itself?

It would depend on your disability insurance plan. Some plans exclude work-related disabilities.If your plan excludes work-related disabilities, then you would initially be denied through your disa... Read More »