What do tendons do in the skeletal system?

Answer Tendons are soft, white tissue connectors between muscles and bones. They play a key role in the skeletal system. They absorb and evenly distribute forces exerted by the muscle. They are similar to... Read More »

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Torn tendons in hand, what can I do to..?

You can go for Physio-therapeutic treatment to cure the injured tendons.

What is the difference between ligaments and tendons?

Muscles and bones bond to one another with the aid of ligaments and tendons. These two structures connect your bones to your muscles and provide a cohesive framework for your skeleton. To enable co... Read More »

How to Strengthen Tendons?

Tendons are the sinew that connect muscles to bones, and then transmit force from your muscles to your bones, which permits bodily movement. It is important to strengthen tendons as well as muscles... Read More »

Tendons of the Thumb?

Your thumb is capable of a wide range of motions, in part because of the work of three tendons. These tendons assist your joints by abducting and extending the parts of your thumb. Each tendon in t... Read More »