What are tax-free municipal bonds?

Answer Tax free municipal bonds offer investors a fairly safe investment with the added benefit of the interest income not being subject to federal income taxes.HistoryThe federal government does not tax ... Read More »

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Pros and Cons of Tax-Free Municipal Bonds?

Tax-free municipal bonds are issued by municipalities such as schools, local governments and airports. These bonds are used to raise money for projects for the municipality and they pay you a speci... Read More »

How do i buy municipal bonds?

Trades In Real TimeIt's wise to get a feel for the market before making a purchase. Since trades in municipal bonds, or "munis," are reported to the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB), do... Read More »

Are Municipal Bonds Insured?

Insurance is an important part of the municipal bond industry. State, city and local governments raise money for municipal projects by issuing bonds that are backed by the taxpayers of the municipa... Read More »

How to Search for Municipal Bonds?

A municipal bond is a debt instrument that is offered by state and local governments that serves as an investment opportunity for those who purchase them. In many cases, the interest income that is... Read More »