Do you like Tacos If so, what kind of Tacos?

Answer I dont

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Where to buy chicken tacos pre made?

That's ok. We don't mind. Plus, you can go to the frozen section of the grocery store and look there.

What is the seasoning in rolled tacos?

There are many seasonings that can flavor rolled tacos, or taquitos, usually depending on the cook and the region in which they are made. However, there are a few classics that you can count on to ... Read More »

What do Tacos and hurricanes have in common?

Both can be Fast & Furious. Both can cause people to run - hurricanes cause evacuations and gas after eating a taco can make even the dog leave the room.Floods - obvious result with hurricane, aft... Read More »

What do you like on your tacos sour cream or salsa on top or both?

I like grated cheese, shredded lettuce, chopped tomato and green taco sauce on mine.