Could it be a heart attack or an anxiety attack?

Answer Some thing worse can occur right from sudden death to mental disability. Control your life style, give up all artificial biological stimulant/s as they attack the brain & heart.

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Is this an Anxiety Attack?

I've had a lot of anxiety problems. I never struggled to breathe, but I know that other people have that issue. You should figure out what's causing it, it could be anxiety or it could be something... Read More »

Heart Attack or Anxiety?

I also suffer from anxiety/panic attacks. And trust me, the feelings and sensations you get can vary IMMENSELY. Usually I just feel short of breath, fatigued, and just a nervous feeling over my hea... Read More »

What increases anxiety symptoms?

People experience anxiety during stressful or challenging situations. For the six million Americans with generalized anxiety disorder, it is a constant battle to manage symptoms. Anxiety causes bot... Read More »

What are the symptoms&causes of anxiety?

Anxiety can become so severe that it interferes with daily life. People who suffer from anxiety may find it difficult to stop worrying. Proper diagnosis and treatment of anxiety is key to treating ... Read More »