What are superhero costumes and props?

Answer The first comic book hero was Superman, who appeared in DC Comics in 1938. He was so popular that he led to an explosion of superheroes, including Spider-Man, Batman and Wonder Woman. These are th... Read More »

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Which is the best color of costumes suit for young women Where I can get cheap-costumes?

i think sofe green or red are suitable to youg women . Maybe onlineshop is much cheaper than in stores.You can have a try.

Why are RC electric& gas props different?

Electric and gas motors powering RC aircraft use different propellers, even when they put out roughly the same amount of power. Electric propellers tend to be lighter, made of thin plastic and som... Read More »

How to Have More Than 9 Props in Chumbyland?

You can't have more than 9 props in the Chumbyland widget for the Chumby. One way to get around this is just by taking a picture and making that your background, but props can be in front of one an... Read More »

How to Use Props While TV Reporting?

One of the most obvious props involved in any TV report is the microphone, and knowing how to hold, use and direct the mic is vital for any high-quality report. Other props that might be involved i... Read More »