What are sugar gum trees?

Answer Eucalyptus trees of South Australia are what sugar gum trees [Eucalyptus cladocalyx] are. The sugar gum trees of the Flinders Ranges of South Australia may grow their straight, steep branching trun... Read More »

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Signs to Tap Maple Sugar Trees?

Sweet maple syrup has been a breakfast-table favorite for centuries. The rich sap of the sugar maple tree runs through it at certain times of the year. The tree is tapped, or bled, so the resin can... Read More »

Types of Sugar Maple Trees?

Sugar Maple trees come in specific varieties that are found throughout most of North America and grow in most soil conditions. The leaves of a Sugar Maple are a star shape with well-defined veins r... Read More »

How to Identify Sugar Maple Trees?

The sugar maple tree (acer sacharum) grows abundantly in the northeastern part of North America. Sugar maples produce strong, versatile timber and yield maple syrup - both commodities that contribu... Read More »

How long do sugar maple trees live?

A sugar maple tree can live to be 400 years old and reach heights of over 65 feet. Environmental stresses, such as unusual weather extremes and drought, along with pests and improper syrup tapping ... Read More »