Are meat substitutes (or "meatless" substitutes) considered to be processed foods?

Answer processed? very much so. very, very much so. i do agree it is a unique product. very strange; not something i'm comfortable with at this point. Fusarium venenatum, grown in vats, (it's not a mu... Read More »

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Substitutes for Lotion?

Commercially prepared lotions can be loaded with chemicals, preservatives and other irritants that can not only cause a rash on sensitive skin but also clog pores. Organic lotions are available tha... Read More »

Glucose Substitutes?

Glucose (also called dextrose) is a sugar found naturally in foods and is the fundamental energy source for humans and animals. You can use a glucose substitute in food in order to reduce calories ... Read More »

Armor All Substitutes?

Armor All provides a line of petroleum-based automotive products used on automotive interiors and tires. Originally created in the 1960s by a chemist, product improvement occurred in 2007, accordin... Read More »

Substitutes for Wax Strips?

Hair removal was first pioneered by the ancient Egyptians. The Pharaoh's wife used a sugar wax to remove every hair on her body, setting the trend for her subjects. The Greeks, Turks and Romans fol... Read More »