What are structures that help anchor plants to the ground?

Answer roots

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Why are structures made of wood or steel more likely to survive strong ground shaking than structures made of brick or concretre?

im no engineerbut i would say steel and wood have the trait of movementbricks and concrete are basically "glued" together and are strong as a supporti suggest that a "brick" the size of a family ca... Read More »

How to Anchor an Outdoor Patio Blind to the Ground?

Installing a blind on your patio is a great way to increase protection from the sun and to provide additional privacy. However, when you have the blind down, it is possible for the wind to catch th... Read More »

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What are plants without tube-like structures to carry water called?

Plants that do not have tube-like structures to carry water are called nonvascular plants. Nonvascular plants typically grow only 1 to 2 cm tall. Examples of nonvascular plants include mosses and l... Read More »