What are structures that help anchor plants to the ground?

Answer roots

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Why are structures made of wood or steel more likely to survive strong ground shaking than structures made of brick or concretre?

im no engineerbut i would say steel and wood have the trait of movementbricks and concrete are basically "glued" together and are strong as a supporti suggest that a "brick" the size of a family ca... Read More »

Is there any product that will kill grass and weeds that grow up around thymes and ground covers without disturbing these plants?

Answer could be a lack of pressure, or a lime blockage in the seat of the valve, turn water off to valve, remove the stem, turn water on then back off, this might clear any blockage,

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What are plants without tube-like structures to carry water called?

Plants that do not have tube-like structures to carry water are called nonvascular plants. Nonvascular plants typically grow only 1 to 2 cm tall. Examples of nonvascular plants include mosses and l... Read More »