What are stock trading tickets?

Answer A trading ticket, also known as a deal ticket, records all the important information pertaining to a trade agreement. Stock trading tickets are used as a sort of internal control system, allowing c... Read More »

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What is a put in stock trading?

A put is a type of option used by investors who anticipate a stock will fall in price much like a short position. Its opposite is a call, which is bought by investors who anticipate a stock will ri... Read More »

What does it mean when a stock has no trading going on?

With the advent of electronic trading, it is now a common occurrence to see more than 1 billion shares of stock changing hands each day. Some stocks, however, trade only a few shares per day and ot... Read More »

What does bullish mean in stock trading?

The term "bullish" in the stock market is used to describe a favorable, confident and hopeful expectation that a particular stock, sector or the overall market will rise. If someone feels the oppos... Read More »

Qualifications for Stock Trading?

Working in a stock exchange as a trader was once considered to be the exclusive territory of the rich, but now individuals from Wall Street to Main Street can pursue stock-trading careers on an equ... Read More »