What are staple crops?

Answer Staple crops are those foods that are the most common in people's diets. Often, staple foods fit within two categories: starches (grains and root crops, such as potatoes) or pulses (dried legume be... Read More »

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What are Spains crops?

Spain grows grain, vegetables, olives, wine grapes, sugar beets, and citrus in that order.See the related link for a more complete list of agricultural crops in Spain.

What is a greenhouse crops manager?

A greenhouse crops manager, or greenhouse manager for short, is a person who manages the operation of a greenhouse. He coordinates and supervises employees, implements environmental procedures, and... Read More »

What crops are grown in Ecuador?

Bananas, beans, potatoes, asparagus, snow peas, barley, wheat, tea, rice, sugar, cacao, palm oil, and coffee.

What kind of crops grow in Israel?

According to's CIA Factbook Israel's Agricultural products are: citrus, vegetables, cotton; The citrus is mainly Oranges grown in the central are... Read More »