What are spring loaded shoes?

Answer The spring loaded shoe contains either two or three springs in the sole or footbed of the shoe that allow energy exerted by the wearer to be recycled back into the legs as reusable energy, reducing... Read More »

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How do you use a spring loaded center punch?

Answer A spring loaded center punch is used to make an indentation in metal prior to drilling a hole. The indentation helps hold the drill bit in position when startin the hole. The center of the ... Read More »

Who made the first spring loaded watch?

The first spring-loaded pocket watch was invented by Peter Henlein in the 1520s. Henlein was already a famous German watch-maker, but his new watch, which used springs as the power source, further... Read More »

How do I Install Hinges on a Spring-Loaded Full Door?

Being able to install door hinges is a must have skill for any handy man's repertoire. Installing hinges on a spring-loaded door is a similar process to installing hinges on a regular door, albeit ... Read More »

How to Replace a Car Spring Loaded Seat Belt Retractor?

Automobiles these days are equipped with a standard three-point shoulder/lap belt. These belts are made of materials or mechanical parts that can become worn. Normal wear and tear through everyday ... Read More »