What are speed cameras?

Answer Speed cameras is a shortened version for Speed Trap Cameras which are fixed or mobile cameras used by the police or councils to take pictures of vehicles travelling above the speed limit and thereb... Read More »

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Why have speed cameras on roads that look like you should be going faster than what the speed limit is?

Speed cameras I don't mind, but what I really hate is seeing some copper on the side of the pavement with a ray gun (let's call them ray guns) trying to get people in the morning rush-hour traffic.... Read More »

What is the difference between iso and shutter speed on cameras?

iso is the sensitivity to lightshutter speed is the speed of the shutter

What is the equivalent of film speed in digital cameras?

ISO is the equivalent of film speed in a digital camera.

Speed Cameras.?

Of course they're there to make money - we are being screwed in every which way imaginable by this government and always will be until we have the sense to out them!They do not cut down on accide... Read More »