What are speaker watts?

Answer Speaker watts refers to the electrical wattage that a loudspeaker processes and turns into audible sound. The amount of watts that a loudspeaker can reproduce varies and is determined by the size a... Read More »

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How many watts speaker should i use to DJ?

You should know that the cheapest speakers and amps are much more likely to break down.You don't want to get a name for letting people down, even if it's not your fault.I would always recommend beg... Read More »

Is 38 watts alot for ipad speaker?

A modest home stereo hi-fi would be 25 Watt RMS. The RMS is important - manufacturers (used to?) quote total music output or peak, whereas RMS levels the playing field.I assume this 38 Watt speaker... Read More »

Can i use a 9 volt battery on 5-8 watts portable speaker?

It may work but it won't work for long. In order to produce power, batteries use a chemical reaction. Compare the size (volume) of the 9v battery vs the four AAA batteries. The four AAA batterie... Read More »

If the speakers can handle 250 watts max but the receiver outputs only 120 per speaker, will it sound weak?

The safe match for a speaker system that can handle 250 watts max would be an amplifier that puts out about 125 watts per channel RMS (this amplifier should put out a peak of around 250 watts max).... Read More »