What are sparklers made of?

Answer Sparklers are made from thin metal rods, typically between eight and 30 inches in length. Manufacturers coat the upper two thirds of the rods with pyrotechnic substances comprised of varying amount... Read More »

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How do sparklers work?

A sparkler is a long, thin stick of stiff wire or wood with one end that has been coated with a mixture conducive to burning. As it slowly burns, it emits a shower of bright, colored sparks.Require... Read More »

Where can I buy sparklers in Orlando, FL?

VIP Sparklers‎2401 South Orange AvenueOrlando, FL 32801(407) 545-1398‎

How hot do sparklers burn?

Sparklers burn at temperatures up to 2,000 degrees F, according to the U.S. Fire Administration and the National Fire Data Center, and regularly cause injuries and start fires. The CDC reports that... Read More »

What to do for a burn caused by sparklers?

ok, first , place a cool washcloth on it,when it is cooled down ,then if you have any, place sunburn relief on it.Make sure it contains aloe vera,the higher amount,percentage , of aloe vera,the bet... Read More »