What are soy candles made of?

Answer Candles are made using wax, colored dye, a wick and optional fragrance oil. In the most basic terms, a soy candle includes wax made from soybean oil. Depending on the candle maker, the remaining i... Read More »

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What are colored candles made of?

It takes a few simple ingredients to create colored candles, including wax, dye, wicks and, if desired, fragrance. Some candles may contain additives to make the wax appear more translucent when bu... Read More »

What are birthday candles made of?

Birthday candles are most commonly made from paraffin wax and a wick. When the wick is lit, the flame's heat melts the wax and vaporizes the liquid wax. The chemical reaction produces water vapor ... Read More »

What are Yankee Candles made of?

Yankee candles are made of a combination of premium-grade paraffin waxes, pure cotton wicks and various fragrances for scent, crafted by master candle makers. All Yankee candles are placed inside h... Read More »

What are emergency candles made of?

Emergency candles are made out of wax--beeswax, paraffin--just as regular candles are. They are designed to last longer than usual candles. The emergency candle kits include waterproof matches and ... Read More »