Why do my ears sting a little when I eat Sour Patch Kids?

Answer It's not your ears, but actually your salivary glands. The ultra-sour flavor makes them hyperactive, and they temporarily over produce saliva. It's the process of getting the saliva out of the gl... Read More »

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How to Make a Sour Patch Margarita?

Like the "sour patch kid" candy, this alcoholic margarita can give you a sour kick in the mouth. The tangy orange juice matches well with the green tequila. Here is how to make a sour patch margarita.

Who made sour Starbursts?

Starburst Sours are a product of Starburst, a division of the MARS candy company. These chewy sour candies hit the market in 2006, and featured watermelon, green apple, blue raspberry, and cherry f... Read More »

Where was sour candy made?

Sour candy was made in the late 1970s by a gentleman named Frank Galatolie, who was then a regional sales manager for a distributor called Jaret. He manufactured the candy in Canada which then beca... Read More »

Can tzatziki sauce be made with sour cream?

On One Hand: Tzatziki Sauce Made With Greek YogurtGreek chef Alexia Alexiadou, author and publisher of Real Food magazine, makes authentic tzatziki, a Greek cucumber and yogurt salad, with plain Gr... Read More »