What are somethings you could do to make active labor start?

Answer You can use castor oil.

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At 38 weeks pregnant how soon can active labor start when you are 4 cm dilated and effaced 90 percent?

How can you be 4 and a half cm dilated effaced and in active labor but not be feeling any severely intense labor contractions?

Answer Because you are very lucky! All women are different. Some dilate to higher numbers and 100% effaced and don't feel a thing. Just luck of the draw. It doesn't mean anything is wrong or that t... Read More »

How to Make Labor Start?

If you are full-term in your pregnancy, you may want to find ways to naturally start labor. This is often referred to elective induction and should only be done if you are not experiencing any medi... Read More »

Is 4 cm considered active labor?