What are some workouts I can do without effecting my sports hernia?

Answer Hello KZ,I will not send you hate mail. In your own words, however, I will let you know on no uncertain terms, if you are in a lot of pain from a possible hernia, deal with it. If you have this muc... Read More »

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What is a sports hernia?

Sport hernia is a fascinating condition that is very misunderstood. The result of this misunderstanding can potentially lead to a misdiagnosis.Dispelling the mysterySports hernias have various name... Read More »

Can I just do sports and instead of workouts?

I think it'd be fine if you just do sports and every so often(once or twice a week) do a workout.

In viva pinata how do I save a garden without effecting the other one?

im not too sure but i think you have to take a risk and save a new garden but your garden you should look nice i assume. but i think you save a new garden but I think that you could live without on... Read More »

In a day how many times can you get shocked without it effecting your heart?

I don't know if the shock here refers to "electric" shock or something. If yes, then the number depends on the intensity of the shock. Same goes for the other shocks too!Hope this answer does not "... Read More »