Sex questions is this really weird?

Answer First of all, we have the same name

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What are some weird combination foods u eat?

My 6 year old daughter, Jolie, really wants to answer your question. We are Americans living in Seoul, Korea and she wants you to know that she likes to eat kim, (dried seaweed or laver), with ket... Read More »

What are some weird rules at your house?

cant leave the fridge open for more than 5 ******* seconds before i get yelled at, and i cant leave food out for more than 5 seconds without getting yelled at too

What are some weird/random stuff about yourself?

I have a VERY sensitive weird bump in my calf muscule. If you squeeze it, it hurts MORE than squeezing a testicle!When I go to the doctor, they say, oh its nothing, you will be fine, although I th... Read More »

I was coughing and some weird smelly thing came out of my mouth. what is it?

Mucus that has been lodged in your throat for awhile.