What are some websites that are non credible besides wikipedia?

Answer Any website trying to sell you a product that doesn't work has slightly more credibility than Wikipedia, but is still not good enough to provide credible information on which to base important deci... Read More »

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Do you think Wikipedia is credible?

No I mean there are some things on wikipedia that are correct but over all no if you go on there to look up something for information and you know nothing on the topic than you have no clue if it i... Read More »

How credible is Wikipedia?

If I told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it just because I put citations at the bottom of my message? Wikipedia has the same lack of credibility as would my message telling you there are goo... Read More »

How credible is Wikipedia opinions?

The good folks of Wikipedia (Oh! The irony!) have an elaborate article about this. The answer is "Pretty Reliable"

Is Wikipedia a lot more credible than schools say?

i've been using wikipeida as a reliable source since 2006, been through hundred or thousands of pages, never have i stumbled upon any false infoit is very useful and reliable