What are some ways you can tell is weed is laced?

Answer I have to agree with the 1st 2- the only way to really tell is to 'test' it before you buy it. Have the contact person light some up, preferrably in a 'bowl' to check for a whitish resin commonly f... Read More »

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What Are Some Ways That Scientists Can Tell the Earth's Past Temperatures?

The Earth's climate has never been static over long periods of time. At certain points in history the planet was warmer, with tropical-type temperatures extending into what are now temperate areas.... Read More »

I am 20yrs old and 5 feet tall..plz tell me some effective ways to increase height in 6 months..please please ?

I'm sorry to say that you really can't make yourself grow any taller than you already are. Your body is basically finished developing, so any growth that you're looking for is already gone. try h... Read More »

What are some easy ways for college kids to make some money?

Get a second job (you could deliver newspapers, pass out flyers, work study at the school)Spend Friday and Saturday nights babysitting (as a parent I can tell you that babysitters aren't cheap any... Read More »

What are some cool ways to paint your room I need some crazy ideas please!!?

We can just straight our imaginations on this oneYou can paint a the top coat, and while the paint is still wet, drag the comb through the paint or use a two coat method and paint the base one colo... Read More »