What are some ways to stretch...?

Answer Hey your situation's alot like me! :P with the splits, butt load of homework, late marching band practice, (though mine goes to 9:00 :/) anyways, what you can do is do your homework on a text book ... Read More »

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Ways to Cover Stretch Marks?

It is sometimes impossible to reduce stretch marks by the time we are ready to show some skin, so we instead need to find a way to cover the marks. From wearing appropriate clothing to covering str... Read More »

Ways to Hide Stretch Marks?

Most people think that stretch marks are caused by skin stretching, hence the name. In reality, stretch marks are caused by hormone fluctuations, according to Dr. Eric F. Bernstein. These fluctuati... Read More »

Quick Ways to Cover Stretch Marks?

For some women, stretch marks are a bittersweet consequence of pregnancy; they see these scars, caused by stretching of the skin, as a badge of motherhood. Others see them as an embarrassing obsta... Read More »

Ways to Remove Stretch Marks at Home?

Stretch marks are caused by rapid growth or shrinking in the skin. As the skin quickly expands, it starts to tear, which causes discolored scar tissue known as stretch marks. There are several home... Read More »