What are some ways to save money on federal income tax?

Answer Contribute to a 401(k) or IRA. If your company offers it, participate in spending accounts for health care and child care (if they apply to your situation)._

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What are some clever ways to save up money for a big vacation?

Without a goal, "a lot" of money could be anything.I suggest you plan now,1. What you want to do while there2. Where you want to stay3. How you are gonna get there4. How much spending money you wou... Read More »

What are some great ways to save money for college?

The easiet way I saved money for school was I stopped eating out. Even dollar menu fast food adds up fast! I spent a lot of money on clothes and things I didn't need. Now I try to stick to clearanc... Read More »

What are some easy ways to save money on food?

If you don't already have a firm grasp for sound nutrition, getting those basics down pat is a great place to start. Dollars are spent on food items that offer very little nutritional value to the... Read More »

What are some simple ways to save on my electric and heat bills?

as far as electric......get those fluorescent low wattage bulbs...this could save you $300 a year.....heat wise, turn off heat or shut doors to any room not being used.....turn ur thermostat down a... Read More »