What are some ways to restore your credit?

Answer Once a person's credit score falls into the range of "risky borrower," they should take immediate steps to get back on track to becoming a responsible debtor and re-establish a good credit history.... Read More »

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What are some cool ways to paint your room I need some crazy ideas please!!?

We can just straight our imaginations on this oneYou can paint a the top coat, and while the paint is still wet, drag the comb through the paint or use a two coat method and paint the base one colo... Read More »

What are some ununusal ways to use your digital camera?

I went shopping for some curtain rods and I wasn't sure I was getting the right ones. I bought one style and photographed 2 others with my pocket-sized Nikon 4600. This way, I could show my wife ... Read More »

How to Restore Credit That Your Wife Ruined?

When your credit history is ruined, it may not always be your fault. If you share a joint credit card account with your spouse--one in which multiple cards are issued--the effects of the account ar... Read More »

How to Restore the Integrity of Your Credit Card Account?

Credit card companies extend credit based on credit reports and a FICO score. The Fair Isaac Corporation formulated the FICO scale for creditworthiness. Outstanding consumer charges on credit cards... Read More »