What are some ways to relieve menstural cramps?

Answer MIDOL.

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How to Relieve Leg Cramps?

Leg cramps, sometimes called "Charley horses," are a common ailment, especially for the people who engage in sports, pregnant women and the elderly. A study showed that half of people over 80 years... Read More »

What can I take to help relieve cramps and swelling?

Hi there: Here is something that will help you with the pain. Drink some warm ginger. it will work okay? You have a fine day. Pay no mind to the so called Dr on here okay? He is trying to get you t... Read More »

What are the best ways to relieve stress?

If there's a special guy in your life, have sex with him. Works everytime, and I guarantee you he won't mind. :P

What are some ways to relieve gas for a baby?

Answer Pump the legs, like it's riding a bicycle, burp it really well after it eats, warm baths. Or try Ovol, works great! Way better then gripe water. Answer: If you are nursing, cut back on your... Read More »