What are some ways to relieve gas for a baby?

Answer Answer Pump the legs, like it's riding a bicycle, burp it really well after it eats, warm baths. Or try Ovol, works great! Way better then gripe water. Answer: If you are nursing, cut back on your... Read More »

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What are the best ways to relieve stress?

If there's a special guy in your life, have sex with him. Works everytime, and I guarantee you he won't mind. :P

What are some ways to relieve menstural cramps?

The Best Ways to Relieve Severe Acne?

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What are some healthy ways in which to relieve anxiety?

You have to be brave enough to find the will to examine the nature of the anxiety itself. It is only when these energies are present do we have a chance to realize what we have been understanding i... Read More »