What are some ways to relax?

Answer get a Massage find a quiet place & just close your eyes go some where you know that you will not be bothered.

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Natural Ways to Relax a Perm?

If you just received a perm you dislike or find too curly, you can relax it to release some of the curl. Since you already added chemicals to your hair, it is better to relax your hair naturally. A... Read More »

Best ways to relax or keep calm?

Meditation and practice relaxing especially when things are stressful. Marijuana can be good at times too.

What are some non alcoholic drinks that can be used to relax after a long day?

I love juicing fruits and vegetables it is very refreshing and healthy. And ice because it will be Luke warm. If you don have a juicer buying store bought 100% juice is a great option. Also I love ... Read More »

What are some easy ways for college kids to make some money?

Get a second job (you could deliver newspapers, pass out flyers, work study at the school)Spend Friday and Saturday nights babysitting (as a parent I can tell you that babysitters aren't cheap any... Read More »