What are some ways to get water without fluoride on the cheap Besides Bottled water?

Answer You can inexpensively remove fluoride two ways:1) by a countertop or under sink filter with a specially designed fluoride removal cartridge - typically activated alumina is used , this is NOT alumi... Read More »

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Which bottled water does NOT have fluoride?

Probably the safest water you can drink is to get yourself a distiller.The fluoride dispute arose over the issue of forced medication. The fluoride used in public drinking water used to be conside... Read More »

Does bottled water contain fluoride?

Bottled water is most often found without fluoride. It is available with fluoride; in that case, the label will clearly state the fact. You can find fluoridated water in small bottles designed for ... Read More »

What bottled water brands DO contain fluoride?

NONE ZERO ZIP nada zilch !Btteled water is simply purified water from boiling or filtering with no chemicals added !Flouride is only found in your tap water ! OR in mouth wash or toothpaste !

What brand of bottled water DOES NOT contain fluoride ?

Most of the mineral waters do, and in fact I haven't found one that doesn't. The safest bottled waters are the ones that come from glaciers. Even if they do have trace amounts of fluoride natural... Read More »