What are some ways to get water out of my ear?

Answer i just usually tip my head on the side that does have water in it facing the floor and shake my head

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What are some ways to get water without fluoride on the cheap Besides Bottled water?

You can inexpensively remove fluoride two ways:1) by a countertop or under sink filter with a specially designed fluoride removal cartridge - typically activated alumina is used , this is NOT alumi... Read More »

What are some simple ways to reduce the cost of utilities (gas, electric, water)?

okay I would change light bulbs to lower watts like 40 and use good engery saving ones, keep the thermosate at 78 for cooling and about 73 for heating, defintely use your energy saving setting for ... Read More »

What are some ways to get weed out of my system in a few days and does the gallon of water trick work?

What are some easy ways for college kids to make some money?

Get a second job (you could deliver newspapers, pass out flyers, work study at the school)Spend Friday and Saturday nights babysitting (as a parent I can tell you that babysitters aren't cheap any... Read More »