What are some ways that weeds help the Earth?

Answer Weeds serve as easily established, easily uprooted ground cover. They provide food, and shelter, for wildlife. They hold banks together, against erosion. They grow in poor soil. They give seasonal ... Read More »

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What are two ways in which weeds help fish?

one way it helps fish is because fish who can't hunt for food need weeds

Non-Chemical Ways to Kill Weeds?

The reluctance to use chemical weed killers around a home often leaves the homeowner with a weed infested garden. Don't give up -- there are ways to keep ahead of the weeds and have children and pe... Read More »

Natural Ways to Kill Grass and Weeds?

Many times a gardener faces the difficult task of removing unwanted turf grass and weeds to enhance the appearance of the landscape. Although chemical methods of removal including herbicides provid... Read More »

What are the best ways to control the spread of invasive plants so they do not become weeds?

AnswerWhen buying plants everyone makes mistakes and even the avid gardeners. A great garden is well planned, but sometimes we see something we like and don't think of it taking over the whole gard... Read More »