What are some very low calorie foods that fill you up?

Answer Cereal and soy milk, salad, and those little rice cake things that have no nutrional value but expand in your stomach and make you feel full.

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What are some of the highest calorie foods and how much is in them?

High calorie non greasy foods?

You don't need high calorie foods because most of them will be bad for her. If you can get your Aunt to eat several meals a day, she will be taking in enough calories.Try oatmeal in the mornings w... Read More »

High calorie but not filling foods?

Try drinking chocolate then. Anything with sugar. You need to up your carbohydrate intake to gain weight.Anything that lacks protein, or fibre. I'd say your problem could be the english breakfast, ... Read More »

What are some foods(high calorie) easy to prepare?

Noodles. A meal with lots of carbs is easy to prepare and will take a large potion of those calories.However. It's really more healthy to eat a meal with some vegetables or fruit and then if you st... Read More »