What are some various herbs one could take to enhance aspects of Marijuana?

Answer valerian root and kava kava, the latter is harder to find go to a vitaminshoppe they usually carry it, those 2 herbs work great.

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What other herbs can I buy for a Marijuana alternative?

Something called k2 it's an incense but if you smoke it it gets you high. Just fill a bong and take a couple of rips. If you are in high-school ask ppl if they got spice that's what slot of pp call... Read More »

What could cause sharp shooting pains in various parts of the body?

It's life's reminder that you are mortal. Get plenty of exercise, stop eating junk food, love the people around you, and if the pain happens to continue, then see a doctor. SHARP SHOOTING PAINS IN ... Read More »

What could be done to enhance sleep quality apart from sleeping pills?

Here is the answer I just put in another similar question: RU having trouble sleeping this night...see if it helps....Try to identify what is causing you to have trouble sleeping. It can be the res... Read More »

Is there anything I could take for period pains besides some tablets.....?

Go to doc and get Norithisterone tablets .. they stop periods completely .. no more pain .. they won`t offer you them . you have to ask ..or .. diuretic tablets like Waterfall tablets .. when yo... Read More »