What are some uses of an electromagnet?

Answer Electromagnets are man-made magnets that are created through the use of electricity. This type of magnet is used in many modern applications and devices.Electric PowerElectricity is produced throug... Read More »

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What Would Be Two Possible Uses for the Electromagnet?

Electromagnets are designed to create a magnetic field by varying an electrical current over a magnetic medium. The magnetic field created is even present once the current has stopped. Electromagne... Read More »

Electromagnet Uses on Cars?

Electromagnetic energy is a limitless source of power that is used in many industries across the United States. This technology runs several key instruments in modern automobiles, from electrical f... Read More »

What are some good uses for ham stock?

Yeah, I'd go cream of potato too...(chowders are usually thick & creamy, right??))Saute some onions in butter until they are just soft...add flour & then whisk in cream or milk...But I get ahead of... Read More »

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