What are some useful Facebook applications ?

Answer Did you tried Clicka, a real time-pass, make new records and more..

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What are some useful apps to have..?

Draw Something :PSongify (I could be entertained for hours)DictionaryWeatherDragon DictationFlashlightPandoraSound HoundUnblock meTalking Rex (okay, that one's a joke, but I really do have it on my... Read More »

What are some applications for wireless spy cameras?

There are many applications for wireless spy cameras. You can set them to stay up when you are not home. You can set them to move around. You can camouflage them so no one can see them.

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How do you browse applications on facebook?

1. Scroll to bottom of page.2. Click on "Applications" (left side)3. Click on "Find More" (top right of the menu that pops up)Or go here:…