Can you name one of your favourite uplifting songs?

Answer Hey Abs :)This is hard, most of my favorites are either depressing or violent. Hmm...I'll go with Madonna:…Express Yourself

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Spiritually Uplifting Housewarming Gifts?

A new home is the beginning of a new chapter in a person's life. Moving is a stressful time and a spiritually uplifting housewarming gift can help relieve some of the pressure. The gift need not be... Read More »

Can you help me find an uplifting youtube video?

uplifting video-…sad/interesting video-…

Any suggestions for some uplifting songs to help with depression please?

I really like the "I Will Survive" song by cake (… It's just funny and doesn't really get you thinking too hard. Don't listen to really inspirational songs... Read More »

I need Emo quotes?

I'll use the suicide note my friend wrote for our emo movie:“My life is crumbling around me, and all I can do is watch the sand sift through my shaky fingers. Everything I touch is destroyed in a... Read More »